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Postmodern, Modern, Traditional and Indigenous approaches to Personal and Cultural Development

Integrative Educational Theory & Practice Beyond Culture Wars

Centre Director

Dr Tim Saunders

Dr Tim Saunders PhD, MA, BA, PGCE, PGCert, CELTA


Dr Tim has a BA Hons in Theology and Religious Studies (Manchester University),  MA in Teaching & Curriculum Management (The Open University), PhD in Educational Leadership, PGCE in Primary Teaching (Manchester University), PG Certificate in Online & Distance Learning Technology (The Open University), and CELTA in Teaching English to Adult Speakers of Other Languages (LILA Liverpool).

Educational Experience

He has a wealth of experience that includes Primary School teaching (7 years), University lecturing (2 years), Thinking Skills training (10 years), Headteacher & Principal (14 years), Organisational Development Consultant (6 years), and a Research Fellow (3 years).

About the Centre

The Centre for Metamodern Education is a global think tank based in Liverpool England, committed to independent research and consultancy as well as collaborative projects with partners in schools and higher education.  It exists to advance education for the public benefit by supporting the development of teachers and school leaders and the production of academic knowledge and discourse about metamodernism and education, bringing funding or other income to further the purposes of the centre and impacting the communities with whom the Centre works.

Integrative Research Specialism

The Centre specialises in transdisciplinary research to  create a coherent practical model that synthesises educational sub-disciplines and practices that are normally studied separately: Pedagogy, Curriculum Theory, Adult Psychology and Educational Leadership.

Likewise, the Centre promotes a Metamodern approach to overcoming culture wars and paradigm conflicts by transcending and including Postmodern, Modern, Traditional and Indigenous forms of education  and the worldviews informing them.

The model in development is called The Saunders Synthesis © 

Key Dialogue Partners

Pedagogy: Guy Claxton. Matthew Lipman. Edward de Bono. Robert E. Quinn. Judyth Sachs. Jonna Haynes. Andrew Wright. Timothy Reagan.

Adult Psychology: John Heron. Hanzi Freinacht. Robert Kegan. Michael Commons.

Educational Leadership: Tony Bush, Carolyn Shields. Christopher Hodgkinson. Helen Gunter. Andy Hargreaves. Patrick Duignan. Harry Tomlinson.

Curriculum Theory: Kieran Egan. Rebekka Horlacher. Bernie Neville. Cliffford Mayes. Howard Gardner.

Worldview Development: Steve McIntosh. Jean Gebser. Clare Graves. Don Becks & Christopher Cowan. Lene Rachel Andersen & Tomas Björkman

Philosophy of Education: Nigel Tubbs. Paddy Walsh. Padraig Hogan. Paul Standish.

Via Educativa Manifesto

  1. bring together teachers and academics to offer high quality scholarship, training, leadership and practice concerning metamodern education

  2. follow the metamodern path of holistic teaching. How to integrate postmodern, modern, traditional and indigenous pedagogies for personal development

  3. follow the metamodern path of educative leadership. How to integrate pedagogy, teacher activism and the praxis of administrative philosophy for cultural development

  4. give priority to the personal development of teachers as the key to cultural development and the wellbeing of teachers as the key to the wellbeing of society

  5. the constructive resolution of dysfunctional culture wars in education and society by means of an integrative meta-theory of education (The Saunders Synthesis)

  6. celebrate metamodern practice already existing in real-world curricula and teaching methods- in-use around the world

  7. act as a co-development hub for the next generation of teachers and school leaders

  8. develop a global Quality Mark for schools adopting Via Educativa in their ethos and practice

  9. the curation and creation of practical educational resources for teacher activists seeking to live out the Via Educativa using the Saunders Synthesis

Primers in Metamodern Education



Other Titles Planned

2021 In Association with Cambridge Muslim College

The Saunders Synthesis ©



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